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Unveil clues, question suspects, and develop your theory on who had the best motive to commit murder.  RSVP offers several themed murder mysteries! Twelve of the suspects are played by your guests, and everyone in the audience becomes a detective.

Murder Mystery parties are great because they get everybody mingling around the room and talking to each other, friends and strangers alike. Another huge plus is that there are degrees of participation; while everyone is required to be a detective and mingle, the more theatrical-minded will have a blast portraying one of the twelve suspects. RSVP guarantees your next bash to be full of suspense and intrigue – and laughs!

We have several thrilling plots to choose from — a conundrum for any occasion!  Some of our current scripts include:

Bye-Bye Bucca

When a local mob boss meets his untimely (though not unexpected) end, there are no shortage of fingers to be pointed. The room is full of liars, cheaters, and ne’er-do-wells, but only one murderer.

Bye Bye Bucca comes with Roaring 20’s costumes and decor. Decor options include City Lights Mural, Mobster stand-up, Jazz musician signs, street lamp, big band background music and more.
Class of ’57

The Pillsboro Possums unbeaten record fell last Friday night when we were stung by the Honeydale Hornets. But considering the tragic death of Steve Haskell, the Possum’s star quarterback, the outcome was inevitable…

Decor includes Pillsboro High sign, 50’s era backdrop, Marilyn Monroe, Archie, and Wurlitzer stand-ups, and assorted costume elements. Music includes Buddy Holly and Chubby Checkers.
The Case of the Spooky Seance
Flashes of lightning cast eerie shadows upon a group of timid souls gathered around a crystal ball.  Tonight’s topic of inquiry is an uneasy one indeed… murder! Will their questions be answered?  Perhaps they’ll wish they had never asked in the first place!
A Christmas Carol to Die For
Tensions run high at Santa’s Workshop, where recent events are none too cheery.  Has a begrudged elf taken matters into his own hands?!  It is up to you to decide!
I Love You to Death
A chilling tale of romance gone awry?

The standard 2½ -hour show covers cocktail and dinner time, and includes 2-4 actors, background music, suspect sheets, programs, basic themed décor, costume props for the suspects (12 from your guest list), name badges, and set up.

Comments from our clients:

“The most pleasant aspect was that RSVP Events arranged everything and all we had to do was show up.”

K. Sherwood, Kimberly Clark

“RSVP did a great job of coordinating their show into our award program. Would certainly recommend them to others.”

J. Lillibridge – Manitowoc Public Utilities