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One Call Does It All!

All RSVP Events themes are very entertaining, create a festive atmosphere, and encourage camaraderie.   Several of our most popular themes are listed below.  Click on a theme name to get more information.  Don’t see a certain theme you have in mind?  We’re always developing new themes and also do custom theme design.  Contact us today!


Roaring 20’s Speakeasy

Ladies and gents, welcome to the safe-house known as the Gin Club. The joint is always jumpin’. Give the wise guy at the door the password and he’ll fill ya full of lead or slip ya $5,000 for the casino inside. Maybe one of the boys will show you the back room where it is rumored some heavy betting goes on. So grab your boa, your fedora and lady luck. And remember, if the cops raid the joint, you’re on your own.

Decor Options

Murals: City Lights backdrop. Props: Park bench and street lamp, pillar columns with ivy, wooden crates, barrels, rum jugs, feed bags, lighting to create alley entrance, tommy guns and feather boas. Stand-ups: Model T, Laurel & Hardy, WC Fields, Charlie Chaplin, May West. Signs: “Gin Joint,” 8′ Champaign bottle and 3′ glass, B&W jazz singer, sax player and mobster.

Entertainment Options

Photo Station with RSVP decor and photographer, piano player, jazz, swing, or big band, mime dressed as Charlie Chaplin.

Take this theme to the next level by adding some casino games! See Best Bet for more details.

50’s and 60’s Night

Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay! Rock around the clock! Put on your poodle skirt or jean jacket, jump into your dancin’ shoes, slick back your hair and get ready to join in at The Hop! Stop at the Soda Shop for a rootbeer float with your Prom date or take in a classic Elvis movie at the Drive In Theater. It’s a blast from the past that you’ll never forget!

Decor Options
Murals: Hollywood Diner, Drive-In Diner, City Lights. Stand-ups: James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Archie, Jughead, Wurlitzer jukebox. Signs: “Rock and Roll is Here to Stay!”, 6′ tall Ice Cream Soda, movie reel strips with Elvis, Marilyn and James, B&W sock hop dancing couple. Other Decor: checker pattern table covers, fuzzy dice, pink sunglasses, balloon arch.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station with RSVP decor and photographer, Hula Hoop and Limbo contests, ice cream soda vendor, Elvis impersonator.

70’s Flashback

The 70’s were a time of dance floors, disco balls, polyester and movies like Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta. Shows like American Band Stand, Star Trek, Happy Days, All in the Family, and Dance Fever were popular. Groups like Sonny and Cher, KISS, the Bee Gee’s, Rolling Stones, Jackson Five and others filled the airwaves and dance clubs with rock, disco and Motown. We were fascinated by Nixon, Smoky and the Bear, and Mohammed Ali. People were hip to ask, “What’s your sign?” Stop in Funky Town and do the hustle while enjoying the light show.

Decor Options
Tye Dye mural, Saturday Night Fever stand-up, 8′ tall hand making peace sign, 2′-3′ smiley faces and daisies, mirror ball with spotlights, assorted colored lights.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station with RSVP decor and photographer, light show, 70’s cover band, palm reader.

Everyone has a favorite song from the 70’s… add karaoke!

The 80’s are Back!

We were living in a material world. We learned who Luke’s father was. Devo accompanied our first awkward steps into the digital world. “Save the clock tower!” “Phone home.” “I’ll be back.” “As you wish.” “No time for love, Dr. Jones.”

Decor Options

Entertainment Options

Mardi Gras

Put on your beads and mask and take a stroll down Bourbon Street. Take in the sizzling array of jazz, zydeco, blues, soul and R&B from the bayous of Louisiana. The aroma of Cajun and Creole delicacies fills the air. Enjoy jugglers, mimes and stilt-walkers as you experience a New Orleans state of mind.

Decor Options
Murals: Female Jester, Mardi Gras dancers, Mississippi Riverboat at Night, French Quarter Buildings, sax player and jazz singer. Signs: Mardi Gras masks with ribbon, Voodoo Lounge, 8′ tall Alligator Kings, Let the Good Times Roll. Props: Street Lamp with French Quarter street signs, park bench. Other Decor: matching linens, themed centerpieces, musical notes, balloon entrance arch, 4′ & 7′ columns & balloon bouquets, and of course: beads, beads, beads!

Entertainment Options

Photo Station with RSVP decor and photographer; Dixieland, Jazz, Blues or Cajun band; street musician; strolling mime, juggler or stilt-walker.


Batten down the hatches, ye land lubbers, and seize yer cutlass fast, else you’ll be walkin’ the plank!

Your guests will love this high-energy theme, with it’s bold costumes and rich décor.

It won’t be long before everyone is the room is exclaiming, “Arrrr!”

Decor Options
Murals: Tropical Sunset, Under the Sea, Dungeon Interior. Props: Life-size wooden ship bow, cannon, treasure chests, pier pilings, fishing nets, lobster traps with plastic lobsters and crabs, seagulls and parrots, silk or real tropical plants, palm trees, bamboo fountain, 4′ seahorse sculptures, pirate flags.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station with RSVP decor and photographer, Limbo contests, costume contests, and scavenger hunts led by fully costumed “Ship Captain.”

Tropical Island

RSVP Events can turn any room into a tropical island. Imagine entering a room filled with tropical music, palm trees, parrots and beach scene backdrops. Come aboard, receive your lei from a hostess in a grass skirt and have your tropical vacation photo taken in front of an ocean sunset mural as you enter paradise. Aloha!

Decor Options
Murals: Tropical Sunset, Ocean View, Under the Sea. Props: Tiki Hut, pier pilings, fishing nets, lobster traps with plastic lobsters and crabs, seagulls and parrots, silk or real tropical plants, palm trees, bamboo fountain, 4′ seahorse sculptures, life rings and nautical flags, treasure chests, pirate flags.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station with RSVP decor and photographer, Limbo contests with cruise ship activities director, scavenger hunt.

Make it a caribbean casino!

Viva Las Vegas

Flashing lights, chiming slot machines, cheering crowds… you have no idea what time it is, but there’s no time to check because your bets are paying off and you’re up to your elbows in chips! It’s the fun-filled fast-paced action of Vegas, baby! You’ll feel like a high roller without breaking the bank as you place bets worth thousands of chips while surrounded by our dazzling décor.

Decor Options
Vegas Strip, Vegas Gaming Murals; theatre-style marquee sign with custom message; huge dice props; high roller table centerpieces.

Entertainment Options
Casino Games, Photo Station, DJ/Host, Elvis Impersonator.

Please visit Best Bet Casino Parties for more information!


They say, “It’s a jungle out there!” and you’ll agree when you engage in Survival by RSVP Events. How well would your team do in the Amazon? Your skills will be tested as you work to build bridges, preserve water and save turtle eggs, all while avoiding the alligators. Don’t forget your mosquito repellent! Discover who could move a boulder through tug-of-war and see if you are coordinated enough to race ahead in team walking. If you thought your mother-in-law’s cooking was bad, wait till you see what we serve on the island. Survival night means challenges, teamwork, and laughter.

Decor Options
Tropical Sunset mural, Tiki Hut, tiki torches with artificial flames, palm trees, silk and real plants, bamboo fountain, Survival sign, wild lion stand-up.

Entertainment Options
Games Coordinator, Photo Station, DJ, caricaturist.

Works great as a corporate teambuilding seminar!

Hollywood Nights

Lights! Camera! Action! Set the stage for a premier evening. Showcase a new product and/or campaign or recognize your outstanding employees with an “Academy Awards” or “Night at the Oscars” event. Everyone is a star at your Hollywood Nights party!

Decor Options
Murals: Hollywood Hill, City Lights, Hollywood Diner. Props: 20′ long red carpet, black stanchions with chains, white columns with ivy, spotlights, personalized theatre-style marquee. Stand-ups: James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood, Dorothy and Cowardly Lion, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 8′ tall Oscars, 8′ tall champaign bottle.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station with RSVP décor and photographer, paparazzi line, professional event host.

Great for awards presentations!

Una Notte Italiana

Benvenuto! Bring all of the romance of Italy to your event with RSVP décor. Your guests will be sure to have una buona notte!

Decor Options
Checkered table linens with centerpieces; white columns with ivy, topiary, white light strings.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station with RSVP decor and photographer, strolling musician or singer, caricaturist.

Country Western

RSVP Events will create a settin’ that’ll make ya feel like you’ve strolled back in time to the ol’ West. We’ll provide the western skyline, the hitchin’ post, the saloon and gamblin’ hall — plus all the other fixin’s — for a truly memorable party. Yee Ha!

Decor Options
Desert Landscape mural, covered wagon, wooden fence, Clint Eastwood, Lone Ranger and Tonto stand-ups.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station, country band, mechanical bull.

South of the Border

Grab your sombrero and margarita, and travel south of the border, it’s Fiesta Time! Delve into a Mexican buffet while listening to a strolling Mariachi band. Kick up your boots to live Salsa or Latin music. Ole’!

Décor Options
Murals: Adobe Hut, Southwest Desert Landscape, Tropical Sunset. Props: Wooden fence, sombreros and serapes, piñatas, clay pots, realistic cacti, wagon wheels. Stand-ups: 8′ tall cactus, howling coyote, siesta man.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station with RSVP décor and photographer, strolling mariachis, mechanical bull.

Spooky Halloween Bash

Crackling leaves eddy around a flickering jack-o-lantern as creeping clouds blanket the moon. Glaring yellow eyes peek out behind a slowly creaking door. A ghastly apparition standing before the door opens its mouth and spills… “Trick or treat!”
Autumn has long been a time for celebration, and what’s a better way than rekindling memories with a Spooky Halloween Party?!

Decor Options
Dungeon walls, life-size guillotine and stocks, tombstones, giant scarecrow, crazed killer mannequin, wicked witch, spooky pictures, fenceposts, cobwebs, caged skeleton, jack-o-lanterns, assorted creepy crawlers.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station, costume contest, pumpkin carving.

Winter Wonderland

When the weather outside is frightful, and we all know just how frightful it can get here in Wisconsin, there’s nothing better than celebrating the past year with warm festivities! RSVP Events has just the merriment you’re looking for, whether you’re showing appreciation for your employees or throwing a jingle-bell-rocking party for loved ones.

Decor Options
Artificial pine trees with white lights and snow blankets, 8′ tall snowman flat, small lighted snowman, park bench and street lamp with icicle.

Entertainment Options
Photo Station, DJ music or live band, strolling carolers, Santa Claus actor, ugly sweater contest.

Ring in the New Year with karaoke!

Custom Linens and Centerpieces

Customized linen rentals and centerpieces will fully bring together any themed décor. RSVP is able to select from a huge selection of colors and styles of table covers, chair covers, and napkins. Centerpieces bring the excitement of the theme directly to the table and can include fun, small gifts for your guests.
Linens and centerpieces are also a great splash of dazzle for events with no other theme-specific décor.